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WOW [Google+ WordPress Plugin] Is This the New Face of SEO Domination? Google+ Grabber WP Plugin
Have you seen the new Google+ Social Network? Pundits are saying that Google+ does not suck, which is pretty big news for Google in its recent flops in an attempt to get social. What the real big news is though, is that Google is giving favor to this new social content for their search engine results. This is huge for SEO. Don't believe me? Shame on you comrade! Look, I am not going to post any results or make any false claims about SEO domination with this. I am only going by what I have witnessed and others are saying about the SEO benefits of Google+. Ha! I mean, I only have test posts on my Google+ account at the moment. Google will change things around again, you can be sure of that. But Google always like to rank it's own properties well (anyone heard of Youtube?). Why? I really wanted to use Google+ because of the hot factor and because it is getting some amazing SEO results right now. But, I didn't want to make a Google+ post and then copy and paste my posts over to Wordpress. I spent countless hours and searched all kinds of places to look for a way to do it and came up with nothing but a headache. I had tried different approaches and they all failed miserably. Finally we have done it. Posting to Wordpress via Google+. There are some things we would like to do a bit differently, but generally we are pretty happy with it. Show Us What You Got Okay revealing the Google+ Grabber WP Plugin. Not a great name for a plugin, but WP Ninja Samurai Blitzer, was already taken. Now, I am not going to hype this up and say that this plugin is revolutionary and is going to send you into a viral tailspin or any of that nonsense. You and I know that this is a plugin, not Sputnik. But what I will say is that what it can do is cool and will help you in posting from Google+ to Wordpress. The power of Wordpress can help us a bit in automating what would be a tedious manual process. Why Would You Need this Plugin? - Syndicate your Google+ content t [...]